• 01.

    Horizontal sand shooting molding series

  • The horizontal parting molding machine of wet sand is suitable for producing small batches and relatively complex castings. The molding speed during normal operation is 80-100 sand models per hour. When the coated sand core needs to be placed, the molding speed is 30-60 sand models per hour. The operation mode is more diversified and can be flexibly selected according to the needs and workshop space.

  • 02.

    Tidal sand casting horizontal molding series

  • The function of the wet sand treatment system is to provide the casting sand that can be used for molding for the casting molding machine. When the poured sand mold separates the casting from the casting sand through the vibration machine tool, the old casting sand is then re-entered into the sand treatment system, and becomes loose casting sand after being processed by the crushing equipment, screening equipment and dust removal and cooling equipment. Finally, the sand is stored in the designated container for static cooling. When the casting molding machine is running for production, sand, bentonite and pulverized coal will be mixed with water again to provide the casting molding machine. Tidal sand treatment system needs to design appropriate treatment capacity according to the sand demand of molding machine and production line.