Fully automatic horizontal molding production line

  • Introduction to Features :
  • This is a complete automated horizontal parting molding production line for wet sand (green sand) casting, which is used to automate the production of rough cast castings. Automatic molding of sand molds, automatic placement of sand mold frame sleeves and sand mold pressing iron, automatic transportation and transportation of sand molds, and automatic recycling of cast old sand. It consists of a molding area, a pouring area, and a cooling area. The molding and pouring are carried out simultaneously, and the poured sand mold is automatically transported into the cooling area. After the sand mold cools down, the sand is separated from the casting, allowing the cast old sand to be automatically collected into the sand treatment system;

  • Detailed remarks:
  • 1) This type of machine can customize specific sand box sizes according to specific needs;
    2) Use # 46 anti wear hydraulic oil;
    3) Double sided steel or aluminum molds are required;
    4) Fully automatic one button intelligent continuous or single cycle operation molding, automatic fault detection and alarm, emergency locking and safety warning;
    5) Language switching can be selected according to regional needs;
    6) Hydraulic compaction through air pressure and sand addition;

    7) You can choose the appearance color of the spraying equipment according to user needs;

List of General Model Parameters:
Picture and Text Introduction:

  • The fully automatic horizontal parting molding production line for wet sand (green sand) casting mainly consists of three major areas: the forming area, the pouring area, and the cooling area;

    1. The forming area mainly includes: horizontal automatic molding machine, automatic robotic arm grabbing device, sand mold trolley, sand mold frame sleeve (box), sand mold pressing heavy iron, drive pushing device, transfer device, limit device, cleaning device, toggle device, sand mold trolley track, PLC electric control cabinet, etc;

    Picture of casting molding production line device

    The mechanical arm device for automatically placing and grasping the outer frame of the sand mold and pressing heavy iron blocks of the sand mold greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers;

    Picture of horizontal automatic casting production line

    The automated robotic arm device for the horizontal shaped production line completed in the assembly workshop; And the robotic arm device that has been installed and put into use in the casting workshop;

    Sand casting production line equipment

    This is a horizontal molding line driven by a hydraulic cylinder with a push device and a conversion device at both ends, allowing the small car loaded with sand molds to run and alternate on different tracks of the molding line according to the instructions specified in the program;

    Picture of horizontal casting production line

    The sand mold frame sleeve, sand mold pressing heavy iron, and cast iron trolley used on the horizontal molding production line to carry the sand mold. And the effect pictures in the actual casting production process;

    2. The pouring area mainly includes: pouring platform, pouring crane track, automatic pouring machine, and vacuum pipeline, etc. We make the necessary pouring equipment for assembly according to the needs of users and the casting pouring requirements of castings;

    Automatic molding line for sand casting

    There are three main forms of horizontal pouring:

    1) Install an iron kettle suspension transfer crane above the pouring area, and workers can manually pour the sand mold by adjusting the position and height of the iron kettle through this device; The pouring process is relatively easy, labor-saving, and flexible, with high pouring efficiency;

    2) Equipped with appropriate automated pouring machines to pour sand molds; Saving labor can easily and efficiently complete pouring, while pouring workers do not need to bear the discomfort caused by high temperature and exhaust gas during pouring, and ensure the safety of workers during operation;

    3) Direct pouring of sand molds through a small iron kettle is also the most primitive form of casting;

    3. After pouring the completed sand mold, it belongs to the cooling area of the molding line; The cooling area includes the recycling line of the sand mold trolley, cooling belts, and vacuum equipment; During the recycling process of the sand mold car, the running car carries the poured sand mold and has gradually cooled down. However, when the cooling time needs to be extended, we can appropriately increase the number of sand mold cars or add high-temperature resistant sand mold cooling belts at the tail. When the casting workshop requires the control of exhaust emissions generated during pouring, we can install fans, dust suction equipment, and exhaust gas treatment equipment in the cooling area to automate the casting production workshop and effectively reduce environmental pollution;

    Picture of green sand casting molding line

    The cooling belt of the horizontal automatic molding production line has been equipped with vacuum cleaning equipment, and the actual effect picture of the molding line

    Note: The color of the automatic molding production line can be selected for spraying according to the user's needs. In the design and production of the automatic molding production line, we need to combine the user's workshop size and casting process requirements, as well as the efficiency and output of the electric furnace melting; And electrical components and driving devices also have different brand configurations (such as oil cylinder drive and servo electric cylinder drive); For more information, please contact us.