• ZOOMZU's business philosophy

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  • The development philosophy of the enterprise:

    "Fine, innovative, honest, and responsible" is the corporate spirit of Zoomzu. Zoomzu serves more than 500 casting enterprise users worldwide, with high standards of production, exquisite process design, innovative spirit of exploration, pragmatic work attitude, and perfect after-sales service system, so that every user can truly enjoy professional and enthusiastic and thoughtful services. We are committed to building a competitive brand of automated casting equipment, keeping up with the times, adhering to technological innovation, and developing towards high-precision and cutting-edge technical enterprises. We pay tribute to all professional and advanced technologies and teams.

    Management philosophy of enterprises:

    Normative and standardized institutional requirements.

    Fine and refined process management.

    The pursuit of efficiency and efficiency.

    Responsibility, responsible work allocation.

    Excellent and targeted future development.

    ZOOMZU's business philosophy

    The Talent Concept of Enterprises:

    The development of any enterprise is inseparable from the hard work and joint efforts of the employees, and the mutual assistance and cooperation of the work of various departments, and use the technical talents as the first resource of the enterprise. Cultivate employees and provide room for development and growth, so that each employee has a sense of accomplishment and value of career achievement in independent positions, combine employees' personal career planning with the development plan of the enterprise, and encourage each other. Talent is the basic "concept of building an excellent enterprise. Pay attention to the cultivation and introduction of talents, so that every employee is actively integrated into the" big family "of the enterprise, participated in the development of the enterprise, so that every" big family "is every An employee resonates with the same frequency as the enterprise and develops together.