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ZOOMZU participated in the 6th Weifang Foundry Equipment Exhibition in Shandong Province, China in 2019

Foundry Exhibition

The Shandong Weifang Casting Equipment Exhibition was held as scheduled from October 18th to 20th, 2019 at the Shandong Lutai Exhibition Hall in Weifang. Zoomzu was invited by the Shandong Casting Association to participate in this exhibition as a casting equipment supplier. The exhibition equipment mainly includes fully automatic horizontal parting molding machines and fully automatic horizontal parting molding lines, with a total of 14 attendees mainly consisting of sales and installation teams! The exhibition location is set at position T10;

Foundry Exhibition

The theme of this year's Manufacturing Expo is "Green, Low Carbon, Intelligent, Efficient - Empowering New Development of Industries". The total exhibition area is 60000 square meters, attracting 74682 professional buyers from both inside and outside the province. Nearly 800 leading backbone enterprises from the equipment manufacturing industry across the country participated in this exhibition, showcasing over 10000 types of high-quality intelligent equipment and supporting products, including high-quality castings, casting equipment, casting materials, casting molds, industrial furnaces, testing instruments, etc. They comprehensively presented the latest scientific research achievements in the deep integration of cutting-edge technology with mechanical manufacturing and casting industries.

Casting Equipment Exhibition

Zoomzu, as a manufacturer of automated molding lines for tidal sand casting, participated in this casting exhibition with a positive and enthusiastic attitude. We provided detailed and professional explanations to users who came to visit the company's equipment. Through this exhibition, we also got to know more casting enterprises, let more friends in the industry understand Zoomzu, and received unanimous praise and affirmation from many exhibitors and visitors. Overall, We are honored to participate in this year's casting equipment exhibition as a high-quality supplier and join the production and research and development system of modern automated casting equipment in China. We also thank our friends in the industry for their strong support and assistance;

Manufacturer of automated casting and molding equipment

Exhibition of Tidal Sand Casting and Modeling Equipment

During the exhibition, ZOOMZU officially signed cooperation agreements with 5 tidal sand casting enterprises, signing contracts for 3 sets of fully automatic horizontal parting molding lines and 2 tidal sand automatic horizontal parting molding machines, and serving as a model project for the regional environmental protection policy's transformation and upgrading of traditional manual casting enterprises as a reference example;

Manufacturer of tidal sand casting and molding equipment