Recommend suitable equipment for you
  • Visit casting molding machine
  • Foundry Exhibition
  • For an enterprise, sales is the real service. Sales is not only a transaction of a mechanical equipment or a production order, but also the most fundamental embodiment of the sales company's concept and brand, the company's value system, the company's sense of mission and the personal quality of sales personnel. Understanding the needs of customers, understanding their personal feelings, listening to their inner thoughts, and solving the problems faced by customers are the original intention of our business.
  • Group photo of after-sales technicians
  • Recognition from customers
  • Cooperation of technical commissioning personnel
  • As a mechanical equipment supplier, what we deliver is not only the products, but also the enterprise mission and value system. The income we get is not only the value of each product, but also how customers view our products and services after each product goes out. These are the biggest income and the core of a long-term development of an enterprise.
Design site planning and draw drawings for you
  • Overall planning and measurement of foundry workshop by zoomzu technicians
  • Technicians introduce casting molding machine to customers
  • (1)The company has a professional technical service team, which can provide one-to-one services for customers in project consultation, workshop layout, investment economic advice and so on at any time.
  • (2)According to the actual production needs of customers, combined with current casting products and future development trends, select or customize molding equipment with appropriate size.
  • Planning workshop layout for casting enterprises
  • (3)Provide targeted overall planning scheme and detailed drawing description for the equipment required to be purchased by customers.
Technical personnel go to the factory for installation, debugging, and training
  • Sand casting compactness test
  • Foundry molding machine manufacturer
  • (1)Conventional standard equipment and non-standard customized equipment are produced and assembled according to the conventional production process. Each equipment is provided with an independent number. The production cycle is 20-25 working days. After the assembly is completed, the electronic control group and the assembly department will check and sign again. After it is confirmed to be qualified, it will be run and molded with a mold. If everything is normal, it will be inspected and confirmed by the customer before delivery.
  • The foundry is operating the molding machine
  • Written evaluation after commissioning and installation of horizontal molding machine
  • (2)Technicians are responsible for the installation and commissioning of field equipment. After the equipment commissioning is successfully put into production, the user commissioning report shall be given in writing, and the customer's operators shall be trained professionally on site to master the operation methods and equipment maintenance of the molding equipment.
Provide you with timely after-sales service and accessories
  • Maintenance of horizontal molding machine
  • (1)ZOOMZU machinery promises to provide a one-year (12-month) warranty period (excluding vulnerable parts) and lifelong maintenance service for the sold equipment after delivery.
  • (2)After the automatic molding equipment is put into production, if there are machine faults and casting process problems of new product castings, we will guide and remove the faults for customers on the basis of understanding the problems. If the user cannot remove the faults, we will arrange after-sales technical personnel or regional agent personnel to quickly arrive at the use site to solve the problems of customers!
  • (3)We will regularly visit and repair the equipment, understand the use of the equipment and provide relative technical support.