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    ZOOMZU is an automated high-tech enterprise under the MEIBANG Group Company in Guangzhou, China, specializing in the research and development, production, assembly, and sales of casting equipment. Its Chinese name is translated as "China Casting", while its Chinese name is referred to as "China Casting Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd."; In 2016, it was awarded honorary titles such as "Director Unit of China Foundry Association", "Director Unit of Guangdong Foundry Association", and "Excellent Manufacturer of China Foundry Equipment" by the China Foundry Association; The ZOOMZU team was officially established in 2013 and has rapidly developed through continuous absorption of technical talents in the industry and in-depth research and application in specific industries. They have successively developed various types of automatic molding equipment for wet sand casting, including conventional horizontal parting molding machines, double-sided sand shooting horizontal parting molding machines, top and bottom sand shooting horizontal parting molding machines, and dual station horizontal parting molding machines, In the research and development and manufacturing of automated sand casting molding equipment, we also have 26 independently developed intellectual property patents and 92 utility model patents. In the past decade of development, we have gained the most valuable wealth from it, which is having a complete technical team, mainly including the production and installation of tidal sand treatment systems, the research and development of horizontal parting molding equipment, and so on The four professional technical teams of electrical automation, tidal sand casting, and pouring provide strong technical support for the development of Zoom and casting enterprise users. At the same time, they also take into account the ability to learn more advanced technologies in a timely manner in fierce industry competition, quickly improve and update their own products, making automated casting equipment more intelligent, practical, and user-friendly in practical applications, Give it higher value for use and cost-effectiveness;

    Manufacturer of automatic molding equipment for tidal sand casting