• About ZOOMZU's service philosophy

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  • Regarding the design and manufacturing philosophy of the equipment:

    The original intention of the product design is to solve the problem of technical difficulties faced by casting enterprises in sand mold molding, to achieve machine replacement of manual labor, and to achieve more efficient, low-cost, and environmentally friendly production of castings in the casting process; For the production of automated casting molding equipment, we adhere to the research and development of automated molding equipment that meets the needs of most wet sand casting enterprises. Regardless of the model of equipment, we will start from the structure, design, and material details of each accessory, continuously innovate and optimize, and strictly complete every assembly requirement, Debugging the interaction of each automation program and coordinating mechanical actions to a high standard, with a serious and responsible attitude to control the quality of each equipment, ensuring the reliability, stability, safety, and practicality of the equipment delivered to the user's factory to the greatest extent possible, creating real benefits for casting enterprise users and endowing each equipment with fundamental significance and value in casting production;

    Production of casting and modeling equipment

    Introduction to the installation and after-sales service department:

    Starting from the production needs of casting enterprises, we established equipment installation and after-sales service teams as early as the early days of ZOOMZU's establishment. Until now, we have two installation and after-sales service departments, domestic and international. Each team member in this department has high technical and professional requirements, mainly composed of the electric control program team, the automation molding equipment technology team The automated casting sand treatment system technology team, online rapid service technology team, and workshop surveying and design technology team are composed of the vast majority of senior employees who have served the company for more than 6 years. This is also the technical service talent we need. Therefore, the establishment of this department facilitates us to provide professional, timely, and fast services to enterprise users, Whether it is the initial installation and debugging of the equipment or the overall maintenance work in the later stage, it will play a more prominent and effective role, and it is also the most powerful guarantee and technical support we can provide for casting enterprise users.

    Technical and after-sales teams of casting and molding machine manufacturers