• Detailed Introduction to the Service Process of Zoomzu

  • From:ZOOMZU Author:ADMIN Addtime:2023-11-08
  • A complete sales process should include at least three parts: pre-sales service, in sales service, and after-sales service; From the perspective of long-term development of an enterprise, in order to maintain a good reputation, in addition to ensuring the quality of its products, it is also necessary to have a sound service process and correct service philosophy to solve problems for users, provide strong technical support and guarantee, and continuously create value for users;

    At the beginning of our first contact with the user, we will first understand their needs and ideas, and then gain a detailed understanding of their information, such as the required casting size, material, and casting process, casting output requirements, casting workshop structure, and budget. Based on the user's needs and actual situation, we will recommend suitable equipment, production workshop planning drawings, and corresponding quotations; At the same time, we can also cooperate with users to visit our company for on-site inspections, equipment understanding, and negotiations; Simultaneously helping users have a clearer and more intuitive understanding of our equipment and overall production process;


    Delivery of equipment :

    After we reach a formal cooperation with the user, we will start manufacturing the equipment according to the normal assembly process and reasonable delivery cycle, and prepare the equipment's freight list and product customs declaration in advance. At the same time, we will provide the user with corresponding installation drawings. For some complex engineering projects, we will send technical personnel to the user's factory in advance to assist, Assist users in advance with the ground infrastructure construction of the casting workshop according to the drawings;


    After the equipment is completed, it will be inspected and tested by technicians from various departments, and the individual number of each equipment will be recorded and registered. After confirmation, the equipment can be inspected and accepted by video or inviting users. At the same time, we also develop 3-5 sets of equipment molds for users based on their casting drawings to serve as templates for later user mold production. Before the equipment is inspected and leaves the factory, we can also use the completed molds to test the mold effect of the user's ordered molding machine, inspect the compaction effect of the new machine's molding and whether it meets the sand mold compactness requirements for casting;

    After the equipment reaches the user's factory, we will dispatch an installation team to synchronously install and debug the relevant equipment. After completing the debugging, technicians will train the user to use and maintain the equipment until all equipment is used for mass production of castings and the user is familiar with the operation and use of the equipment;


    Regarding our after-sales service system for equipment :

    1) Under normal circumstances, when our equipment leaves the factory, we also provide users with 2-3 sets of electrical components and vulnerable parts for backup or replacement, ensuring timely replacement of parts in case of equipment failure;

    2) In terms of the brand configuration of electrical components in the equipment, we will also use the corresponding electrical component brand according to the user's region, so that users can purchase the accessory in a timely manner in the future, including obtaining technical services from the accessory brand more quickly;

    3) In terms of electronic control program technology, we have also adopted an automatic alarm system, which can automatically display and prompt faults and warnings during equipment operation;

    4) When users encounter complex problems, they can also contact us through video, and we will guide users in real-time to repair equipment through online service personnel;

    5) When users are unable to solve problems with the help of our online service personnel, we will assign regional agents to the factory to solve and troubleshoot problems based on the user's location, or directly dispatch after-sales service personnel to reach the user's factory in a short period of time, and the user needs to pay for the travel and labor expenses of our service personnel;

    Under normal circumstances, we would recommend that users equip the factory with electrical technicians according to production needs, with the aim of ensuring the normal operation and production of all automation equipment in the factory. From the beginning of our equipment delivery and installation, we will train and explain various operations and maintenance of the equipment to the electrical technician. When problems arise, we will also contact and cooperate with them as soon as possible to solve the problem, To a large extent, it can reduce the workload of users, and even in some casting enterprises with high degree of automation and mechanization, each automation equipment work area will be assigned a corresponding technical leader; Therefore, in our view, the most important thing for any casting enterprise to truly put equipment into production and fully realize its value is the close and tacit cooperation between users and equipment suppliers;