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Mr. Zhi Xiaoheng, Deputy Secretary General of the China Foundry Association, and Mr. Jing Liwen, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, visited ZOOMZU for research and investigation

China Foundry Association visits and inspects ZOOMZU

On November 11, 2017, Mr. Zhi Xiaoheng, Executive Vice President of the China Foundry Association, Mr. Jing Liwen, Assistant Minister of Education and Training, and Mr. Zhao Zhili, an expert and professor at Shenyang University, visited ZOOMZU for inspection work. Led by Mr. Lu, Chairman of the company, they conducted an on-site inspection of the equipment assembly workshop, gained a detailed understanding of the equipment manufacturing process, and listened to our design concept for automated casting equipment, as well as the application of equipment in the casting industry and the company's future development plans. They also expressed appreciation for our active introduction of technical talents and adherence to technological innovation.

Group photo of ZOOMZU and members of the China Foundry Association

During the visit and inspection process, Mr. Zhi Xiaoheng, Vice President, expressed the purpose of the inspection team's on-site research on ZOOMZU. On the one hand, it is to better understand the development situation of the vast majority of casting enterprises in China that currently rely on tidal sand casting technology in recent years. On the other hand, it is also to timely understand the use of automated casting molding equipment in actual production, convey the overview and direction of China's upgrading and rectification of casting enterprises in the future, and encourage us to actively participate in the development of China's automated casting equipment industry, establish a professional, standardized, and advanced technical equipment team, strive to build a leading brand belonging to the Chinese casting equipment industry, and promote the development and transformation and upgrading of Chinese casting enterprises. Provide qualified, stable, practical, reliable, and cost-effective automated casting and molding equipment for Chinese casting enterprises;