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ZOOMZU participated in the 13th China International Casting and Metallurgy Exhibition in 2018

Casting Equipment Exhibition

The 13th China International Foundry Exhibition, hosted by the China Foundry Association on May 16, 2018, was grandly held at the Beijing Exhibition Center, the capital of China. Due to China's recent implementation of the "Blue Sky Protection Plan" environmental protection policy for casting enterprises, which aims to eliminate outdated and heavily polluting production capacity, most of China's casting enterprises are facing production capacity upgrades, workshop renovations, and the selection of automated casting equipment. As a result, the number of exhibitors and visiting enterprise users at this casting exhibition has exceeded previous records. As the manufacturer of automated casting molding equipment, the Zoom team has also responded to the warm invitation of the organizers of the China Foundry Association and actively participated in this international casting exhibition, using the two most commonly used automated water level parting casting molding machines as exhibition equipment, providing reference and examples for casting enterprises visiting and inspecting.

Zoomzu Attends Foundry Exhibition

At the booth, we will warmly invite local female students to work as part-time model hostesses to show our young vitality and passion, help us to receive and take care of some of our visiting friends in the busy exhibition, and provide entertainment services such as Dim sum, tea, etc., which is also a beautiful landscape for us among many exhibitors;

Casting Equipment Exhibition

The exhibition area of casting booths this year has increased from 23000 square meters in 2017 to 36000 square meters, a year-on-year increase of 56%; The number of exhibitors has exceeded 420, and the proportion of international exhibitors and exhibitors has reached 23%, including many leading enterprises in the industry. Exhibitors mainly showcase castings on domestic foundries, with automotive parts, agricultural machinery parts, and social infrastructure construction parts being the majority. Equipment exhibitors include automated intelligent machinery manufacturers, casting equipment automation molding equipment manufacturers, casting automation production line manufacturers, and various processing machine tool manufacturers. The three-day exhibition is expected to attract more than 23000 professional visitors from the global casting industry, non-ferrous metal casting, some die-casting industries, and related application fields.

Units of China Foundry Association

Special thanks to Ms. Fan Qi, Executive Vice President of Guangdong Foundry Association, and Mr. Zhang Jiang, Secretary General of Shandong Foundry Association, for visiting the booth and guiding the work. We also thank Mr. Zhang Zhiyong, President of China Foundry Association, and Mr. Zhang Libo for awarding ZOOMZU the membership certificate of China Foundry Association and approving it as a member unit of the 8th Association.

Certificate of Member Unit of China Foundry Association

Cooperation between Foundry Enterprises and Automatic Casting Modeling Equipment Manufacturers

In this exhibition, ZOOMZU provided customized automated casting molding equipment and signed cooperation agreements for 9 casting enterprises from Hebei Province, Henan Province, Shandong Province, Zhejiang Province and other regions in China. We appreciate the purchase and trust of enterprise users.