Membership Certificate of China Foundry Association


In May 2018, after discussion and approval at the board meeting of the China Foundry Association, ZOOMZU officially became a member unit of the China Foundry Association and was awarded the honorary certificate of a member unit. It became a high-quality casting equipment supplier in China and will have the right to participate in industry selection, issue industry certificates, participate in casting exhibitions and industry technical seminars organized by the organization, and obtain priority rights for group services provided by the China Foundry Association.

ZOOMZU becoming a member unit of the China Foundry Association will be beneficial for enhancing communication and connection between the association and numerous casting enterprises with government units, establishing and improving cooperation mechanisms between the two parties, continuously expanding cooperation areas, expanding cooperation among international casting enterprises, and facilitating timely and accurate grasp of relevant policy information. It is of great significance to assist casting enterprises in transformation, upgrading, and green development.