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The ZOOMZU 2019 Annual Commendation Gala has come to a successful conclusion


On the morning of January 11, 2020, under the leadership of Chairman Lu of China Casting Machinery Corporation, Meibang Group officially entered the 2019 annual meeting celebration and commendation ceremony. The ceremony was held at 9:00 am to summarize the past work reports for 2019 and plan the company's development direction for 2020, preparing for the challenges and new opportunities faced in 2020.


Mr. Shi, the chief engineering designer of Zoom, Mr. Huang, the person in charge of Zoom, and Ms. Lu, the CFO, signed on site


Group headquarters management and all department leaders sign in for a group photo


Members of Zoomzu's domestic market sales department and foreign trade sales department sign in for a group photo


The annual celebration and commendation meeting officially begins, and all employees of the company announce the company's management system


Each department has prepared a rich and colorful celebration program for the company's party, and the representative members of the Zoom team won the first place of the Best Team Performance Award this year.


The technology innovation award presented by the company to its technical employees was awarded to the technical supervisor of Zhongzhu Machinery (Jiang Jurui), the sheet metal department of Zhongzhu Machinery (Pan Shenxi), and the head of the design department (Zeng Debin), in recognition of the recognition made by the members of the technical department for the innovation and development of automation technology in the past year, and to encourage the technical development team to continue to actively participate in the company's automation technology innovation and mechanical design work.


Outstanding Employee Imitation Award and Company Dedication Award reviewed by various departments in 2019


Department heads present annual work summaries and future company work plans for the new year at the meeting


Engineering Openness Award and Workshop Craftsman Spirit Award reviewed by the company's engineering department


Awarded the Outstanding Sales Honorary Certificate to the sales team teams of various departments in the company


In the program planning of this annual meeting, we are honored to invite three guests: famous singer Chen Jian, Hong Kong actor, singer Zheng Shufeng, and comedian Wu Baoguo. Their song "Friendship Years" has brought the atmosphere of the annual meeting to a climax.


During various honor award periods, the company has arranged various lottery activities for employees, and countless surprises and gifts have made the annual meeting more lively on site


The first prize of this year is Emma Electric Vehicle, the special prize is Apple iPad, and the second prize is Huawei Phone


Looking back at 2019 and looking forward to the upcoming year 2020, our past achievements have become a thing of the past. We will not forget our original intention, look forward to the future, and embrace new challenges and opportunities with a vigorous and upward spirit and a high spirit. We will not waste our time and continue to write new brilliance - let's drink to 2020 together.


Let's take a group photo of all employees at the 2019 annual party!