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Introduction to daily usage precautions for fully automatic horizontal parting molding machine


Precautions for daily use of horizontal parting molding machines:

1. After starting the molding machine, run the hydraulic device first. The equipment can only be operated normally after the hydraulic device reaches the normal oil temperature;

2. Before the operation of the equipment every day, the remaining dried sand in the sand bin at the front end of the molding machine should be discharged through the discharge port. Then, the remaining dried sand inside the sand shooting cylinder should be directly used for molding by running the molding machine. When the molding sand inside the sand shooting cylinder is insufficient, new wet sand can be mixed and transported into the molding machine until the wet sand that meets the molding conditions is used for molding, and normal operations can begin;

3. Regularly inspect the lubrication pump of the molding machine. When the oil level in the lubrication pump's oil tank is insufficient, lubricating oil should be added in a timely manner;

4. After stopping daily work, the fully automatic molding machine should be cleaned of dust and sand that falls during molding.

5. In case of emergency, the emergency button should be activated in a timely manner. During daily maintenance, the hydraulic device should be turned off and repaired with the accompaniment of professional personnel to avoid safety accidents.

6. When shaping the machine, it should be closely integrated with the pouring process. If it is not necessary to shape, the sand mixing team should be notified in a timely manner to avoid drying or wasting the sand inside the bucket due to prolonged use.

7. Pay attention not to include iron blocks in the molding sand into the sand shooting cylinder to avoid damage to the sealing plate of the sand shooting cylinder;

8. In long-term use, the inner wall of the sand shooting cylinder should be regularly cleaned (6-8 months) to maintain cleanliness inside the cylinder and avoid situations such as sand blockage and sticking that may affect the sand shooting effect;

9. Unauthorized personnel are prohibited from approaching, operating, or changing the mechanical and electrical control parameters of the design;

10. In daily homework, the shape parameters of each mold should be recorded, such as the optimal sand injection pressure, sand injection duration, sand mold height, compaction pressure, compaction duration, etc., to facilitate the fastest adjustment of parameters and normal generation operation during each use;

11. Regularly replace 46 # hydraulic grinding oil, and replace it every 6-7 months during long-term frequent use;

12. Timely fill the demoulding machine and make reasonable use of it. The injection duration and injection interval of the demoulding machine can be adjusted and set in the touch screen;

13. Pay attention to the selection and use of pouring rod models and lengths, and make reasonable combinations according to the height of the model to avoid damage to the mold;