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Matching requirements for horizontal parting automatic molding machine and clay sand processing line

The main function of the clay sand processing line is to recycle and reuse the old sand from the molding line. After being processed through steps such as sand falling, crushing, and screening, it is mixed with new sand to provide sand for the molding line molding host again. In normal operation and production, the fully automatic horizontal molding line can be equipped with a clay sand processing production line with a processing capacity of 20T per hour for single machine sand boxes within the range of 420mm-610mm. The sand box size can be equipped with a processing capacity of 30T per hour for clay sand processing production lines within the range of 650mm to 900mm. The horizontal molding machine with a box size of 950mm-1500mm needs to be equipped with a processing capacity of 40T per hour for clay sand processing production lines; If more accurate calculations are needed, it is necessary to refer to the requirements of the casting for the height of the sand mold, as well as whether to lower the core during normal automated production;

Given the past on-site usage, we suggest that users be equipped with more sufficient and standardized clay sand processing lines when the space, height, or enterprise funds of the casting workshop are not limited. This allows the processing line to provide casting sand for the automatic molding machine with a certain margin, avoiding the equipment of the clay sand processing line from running at full load for a long time, It can also allow the old sand stored in the processing line to remain stationary and cool for a certain period of time;

clay sand treatment line

A standard processing system can better adsorb the accumulated dust in the old sand that has been reused for a long time. For example, the more frequent use of coated sand material as the core material in casting production can better screen out residual coated sand in old sand and adsorb the dust after the sand mold is poured and crushed. Reducing dust in old sand can also improve the fluidity and breathability of the sand; During the mixing process of old sand, standardized clay sand processing lines can also make it more convenient and accurate for operators to grasp the combination of water content and raw materials. The high-quality, delicate and easy to flow casting sand also determines the flatness of the casting, which is beneficial for the sand shooting effect of the molding machine and can achieve better sand mold compaction effect;