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The advantages and characteristics of using automated casting equipment for casting production

With the development of machinery and automation technology, many casting enterprises are also following the pace of technological development to achieve automation and mechanization in casting; And China's casting industry also achieved rapid development after the Chinese government fully implemented the "Blue Sky Protection Plan" in 2018; The development of any macro level casting enterprise cannot be separated from the development of automation and mechanization, which is also a stage that enterprises need to go through for development; The following will introduce the advantages of casting enterprises using automated casting equipment in production compared to traditional manual casting:

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1) Firstly, the production efficiency of casting and molding through automated equipment is faster and more efficient, and the production capacity can be doubled;

2) Secondly, it can reduce the long-term demand and dependence on workers in production, solve the problem of aging labor force and difficult recruitment in some areas, and reduce the number of production personnel for enterprises, thereby lowering labor costs and lowering the production cost of castings;

3) Enterprises in some regions and countries, after implementing automated casting equipment for casting production, have lower production costs per ton of castings compared to traditional worker casting costs;

4) Compared with traditional manual casting, automated casting equipment produces castings that are more standardized and easier to control in terms of quality. For example, the weight and surface smoothness of castings have significant advantages;

5) The application and implementation of automated casting production are also beneficial for enterprises to manage workers and allocate work more efficiently and reasonably, maximizing production capacity and efficiency;

6) The significance of applying automated casting equipment is to reduce the labor intensity of enterprise workers, allowing them to easily complete casting production;

7) Compared to traditional manual casting, automated casting production creates a clean and comfortable production environment for casting enterprises, reduces the harm of exhaust gas and dust in casting production to the physical and mental health of workers, and reduces air pollution for more effective environmental protection;

8) To make casting enterprises more competitive in the "big environment" competition;