Use Cases

Automated casting and molding production of groove fittings

Casting molding machine

In November 2021, we produced an automated casting molding machine for a sand casting enterprise that slides out the lower sand box. This machine facilitates the precise and convenient placement of the core inside the mold cavity after the sand mold is compacted and the mold is detached. It is paired with a 20T casting sand processing line and applied to the casting molding production of fire pipeline castings and groove fittings. It replaces the original semi-automatic molding machine sand mold molding, improves production efficiency, and reduces the production cost of casting. The casting sand processing mixing line is isolated from the molding and melting workshop, and the local factory buildings are raised. The sand required for the automatic molding machine molding is connected by a belt conveyor, which to some extent reduces dust and noise pollution.

Casting and molding equipment for fire pipeline castings

The sand box size of the automated casting molding machine is 610mm x 710mm, and the height adjustment range is 320mm-520mm; After one molding, the sand mold cavity can be arranged with 4 groove pipe castings, and two castings can be placed side by side with a connected coated sand core. A 40mm diameter metal iron pouring port is set in the middle, and the sand margin at the edge of the sand mold is 30mm-500mm;

Ductile iron smelting workshop

The smelting workshop of this casting enterprise is equipped with a 0.75T induction furnace, which can melt 1T of molten metal per hour. The material of the fire pipe trench fittings casting is ductile iron (QT450), and the temperature of the molten metal being discharged from the furnace is generally controlled at around 500-1550 ℃. The wall thickness of the casting is relatively thin, and the high-temperature ductile iron (QT450) molten metal is more conducive to the pouring of this type of trench fittings casting and the filling of the sand mold;

Automated casting and shaping equipment for foundries

The production casting method of this casting enterprise also uses automatic casting molding machines to complete the molding and placement of sand molds during the day, and melts molten iron and pours the sand molds at night. Graphite precipitates during the solidification of ductile iron metal iron, which has a large expansion amount. Therefore, the outer frame box of the sand mold and the pressure iron of the sand mold are used during the pouring process, and controlling the pouring speed is also very important;

Fire pipe castings

The images of the cooled fire pipeline castings (groove fittings castings) and the cleaned and polished finished castings are produced by using a horizontal parting automatic casting and shaping machine. The casting can complete 50-58 sand molds per hour and produce 7-9 tons of fire pipeline castings per day;