Use Cases

Automated casting molding and pouring line for casting production of motor end caps

Clay sand automatic molding line

In January 2023, we installed and manufactured a complete clay sand casting automated molding production line for a casting enterprise in Shandong, China. The automated molding pouring line is mainly used for the casting production of motor end caps, helping the enterprise improve casting capacity and meet the production orders of various models and specifications of motor end cap castings for the enterprise's purchasers;

In the initial stage of construction, we designed and planned the layout of the entire casting production line based on the industrial land of the enterprise's users. A new workshop with a height of 15 meters, a length of 30 meters, and a span width of 12 meters was built in the available vacant land for the installation and layout of a standardized clay sand automatic processing system with a processing capacity of 30 tons per hour. This system is used for the automatic crushing, cooling, screening, storage, dust removal, and mixing of casting sand, Provide high-quality casting sand in a timely manner for automated molding lines;

Clay sand automatic molding machine

We have set the size of the sand box for the automatic molding machine based on the overall casting size required by the user. We use a sand box size of 750mm X 750mm to ensure sufficient sand margin at the edge of the sand mold, and also to ensure that the various models of motor end cover castings of the casting enterprise form a suitable sand iron ratio with the sand in the molding process, controlling the sand cost of each specification of castings in the casting production;

The 750mm X 750mm fully automatic horizontal parting molding line has a molding speed of about 85 sand molds per hour, and the main machine can operate normally for 10 hours to produce 20T-23T motor end cover castings; Due to the fact that there is no need to place the mold cavity core during the molding process, the main machine is in a continuous and uninterrupted linkage state. We have added a discharge port on the sand conveyor belt to discharge casting sand that does not have the necessary shape. For example, if the mixed sand is left for a long time, it may cause moisture to evaporate. It is possible to quickly and conveniently discharge this part of the molding sand;

Automated pouring line

The cooling time required for the casting of the motor end cover is relatively short due to the thin wall thickness. The horizontal pouring line is equipped with 107 trolleys, and the pouring station is 48 molds. The A/B two-stage design is used for pouring and cooling, respectively. The pouring section is equipped with a 500kg automatic pouring device and electrically linked with the horizontal pouring line. The sand molds can be poured in fully automated or manual mode, and 48 sand molds can be poured in 8-10 minutes, We have designed and installed refrigeration and air conditioning in the operating room of the automatic pouring machine to make the pouring process easier, faster, and more convenient, while also saving labor costs and ensuring the safety of pouring workers. This allows pouring workers to avoid prolonged work in high-temperature environments during hot weather seasons;

Horizontal parting molding pouring line

After the casting inside the sand mold is cooled and formed, the automated robotic arm will place the cooled sand mold grabbing box frame on the sand mold that is waiting to be poured after the initial molding is completed. In order to remove the sand mold from the frame sleeve, some of the hot sand will fall off. For the cleanliness of the workshop, we pre embed the old sand collection belt under the conveyor track of the sand mold that is pushed into the sand machine, and connect it to the old sand recovery belt at the bottom of the sand machine, Allow the dropped hot sand to be conveniently returned to the automated clay sand treatment system, and it is through this method that the unqualified discharged casting sand is also recovered;

Automatic casting molding line for motor end cover castings

The finished product rate of different specifications and sizes of motor end cover castings produced by the clay sand automated molding line is about 96%; This is a successful and satisfactory collaboration for us and our users;