Use Cases

The application of automated casting molding production line in the casting production of pipeline castings

Automatic Casting Equipment for Tidal Sand

We equipped an automated horizontal parting casting and molding production line for a factory specializing in casting and producing pipeline castings in May 2022. Based on the size requirements of the castings, we customized an 850mm X 850mm sand box size double-sided sandblasting horizontal parting automatic molding machine for users. It is equipped with an automatic moisture mold sand treatment system with a processing capacity of 30T per hour, which automates sand drop, crushing, screening, cooling, dust removal, and adding auxiliary materials to mix molding sand. It can automatically complete the molding of 45-60 sand molds per hour; The adjustable height range of the sand mold is between 400mm-600mm, covering the production needs of all specifications of pipeline castings of the casting enterprise;

Automated casting and molding production line

The automated casting production line equipped for the automated casting molding machine is designed to consist of two casting sections, one cooling section, and one sand mold cooling belt. It is equipped with a robotic arm gripping device, which automatically places the sand mold outer frame and press iron required for sand mold casting. The sand mold press iron is independently cast and processed by the user according to the drawings provided by our company, The cooling time of the casting from pouring to the sand mold entering the vibration sand cooling equipment is about 70-90 minutes.

Production of Casting and Modeling for Pipeline Castings

The highlight of the automated casting process is the effect of sand injection compaction and mold detachment on the inner cavity of the sand mold. The user has designed an exhaust groove on the horizontal parting surface of the sand mold, which is used to exhaust the gas generated in the mold cavity during pouring.

Casting of pipeline castings

The left image shows a double-sided mold for pipeline castings, made of steel with a thickness of 25mm; The image on the right shows the effect of placing the inner core of the mold cavity made of coated sand material, and the pouring hole of the molten metal is placed at the filter screen;

Pipeline casting casting enterprises

Equipped with a 1T industrial medium frequency induction furnace to melt molten metal, after melting, automatic spheroidization equipment is also required to treat the molten metal. Due to the light weight and thin thickness of the castings, the cooling time required for the castings is relatively short. In normal operation, the person in charge of the automatic molding line will fill the sand mold carts of the two pouring sections before proceeding with unified pouring. The pouring time is completed within 10 minutes.

Ductile iron material pipeline castings

The above are pipeline castings made of ductile iron material cast through automated molding production lines. Based on the user's years of casting experience and excellent casting technology for this type of casting, the yield of the castings is controlled at around 96%. The above materials were filmed during a follow-up visit to the client in July 2023.