Use Cases

Non standard customized fully automatic horizontal parting molding machine for automotive parts casting production

Tidal sand casting molding line

In November 2020, we undertook the construction of a complete automated casting and molding production line for an automotive parts casting enterprise. The size of the automatic molding machine sand box was 610mm X 710mm, and non-standard sand boxes were customized according to the user's casting size production needs, so that the sand mold height can be adjusted according to the mold height within the range of 300mm-520mm; In the mixing of casting sand, we have designed and installed a standard automated 30 ton wet sand treatment system, which automatically crushes, screens, removes dust, adds materials, mixes, and transports enough and high-quality casting sand for the automatic molding machine.

Horizontal parting casting molding line

After completing the molding of the sand mold, we equipped it with a standard automated pouring line according to the size and height of the sand mold. Using servo electric cylinders as the driving force, we produced a mechanical arm that automatically placed the sand mold frame and weight iron, as well as a small car pushing and converting device at both ends of the pouring line. This is used for the transportation, pouring, and cooling of the sand mold until the old sand is recycled into the automated wet mold sand treatment system after the sand mold is broken; The production time of this casting enterprise is roughly after 10pm. Before melting the molten iron in the electric furnace, the casting workers will first run the molding machine to place the sand mold on the pouring line. After the molten iron is melted, the iron ladle is lifted by the sliding guide rail on the pouring line for batch pouring of the sand mold, and the operation is repeated until 7am; We can produce 15T-20T castings of ductile iron (QT450) and gray iron (HT250) every day;

Clay sand casting molding line

In the design of the casting line, the main consideration was given to the user's requirement for a longer cooling time for automotive castings made of ductile iron material. Therefore, sufficient sand mold carrying carts were equipped, and a sand mold cooling section was added on the premise of having sufficient space in the casting workshop. This allows users to flexibly choose the designated casting section for sand drop according to their needs during the production process; When the frame sleeve of the sand mold is removed, it is easy for the sand block to fall off. Therefore, we have also installed a sand drop conveyor belt below the cooling section conveyor line to ensure a clean environment in the casting workshop and reduce the labor cost of workers in the long-term production process;

Tidal sand automatic molding machine

The automatic forming and parting effect of ductile iron transmission box castings for automotive parts;