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Zoomzu participated in the 2019 Dusseldorf International Foundry Exhibition in Germany

Foundry Exhibition

The 14th International Foundry Expo (GIFA2019, held every four years) was grandly opened at the Dusseldorf Exhibition Center in Germany in July 2019. Mr. Zhang and Ms. Zhou, the foreign trade commissioners of Zoomzu, accompanied Mr. Lu, the chairman, to attend the exhibition in Germany. The booth is located in Exhibition Hall 17/A02, and we hope that through this exhibition, more international casting enterprises can learn about Zoomzu's automated casting and molding equipment. We also hope to use this opportunity to learn about various advanced casting equipment and excellent equipment merchants in the international casting industry, and to meet more friends and exhibitors from around the world.

Casting equipment manufacturer

During the exhibition, I took a group photo with friends who came to inspect and learn about the level of fully automatic molding machine equipment products, exchanged business cards and information with each other, and let more friends in the international casting industry know and understand our automated casting molding equipment and Zoom

Manufacturer of automated casting equipment

It is precisely this international exhibition that allows foreign friends who have not met before to sit together and chat freely, allowing each other to have a more detailed understanding and recognition. Zoom and you will always be the best friends.


After the casting exhibition, Zoomzu exhibitors accompanied the chairman to visit tourist attractions in Europe such as Germany and the Netherlands.