Use Cases

Application of 1000mm sand box size casting molding machine in well cover molding production

Tidal sand horizontal parting molding machine for large-sized sand boxes

In April 2020, we equipped a large double shot cylinder side shot horizontal parting molding machine with a size of 1000mm x 850mm sand box for the automatic molding production of ductile iron manhole covers in Dalian, Liaoning Province, China. According to the requirements of the casting enterprise's users, we matched and utilized the old-fashioned damp mold sand circular casting line in its workshop. A sand mold lifting device and a crawler conveyor device have been added at the connection between the molding host and the old circular casting, completing the automatic transfer of the sand mold to the old circular line's sand mold transfer trolley after molding.

Photos of manhole cover casting production

The workers in the casting workshop are pouring the sand molds one by one. At the same time, a certain number of aluminum box frames are used to frame the sand molds, and weight blocks are placed on the sand molds to prevent the high-temperature ductile iron from expanding and cracking the sand molds during pouring. When a sand mold is poured and waiting for the molten iron to solidify, the box frame weight block of the sand mold will be removed and placed on other sand molds to be poured, and then repeatedly used until all sand molds have completed pouring;

Manhole cover casting molding machine

The horizontal parting molding machine achieves the effect of compacting the manhole cover mold and separating it from the parting surface of the mold, and places the coated sand core at a specific position. The actual molding production speed is about 42 sand molds per hour;

Production of manhole cover casting

After sand removal treatment, the nodular cast iron material manhole cover castings with rough embryos are separated, with a yield rate of about 96%. The casting enterprise only needs to produce about 12 tons of manhole cover castings per day, and after polishing and processing, the castings are sold to Japan;