Horizontal parting casting molding machine sand mold pouring mouth expansion rod

The horizontal parting casting molding machine's iron liquid pouring mouth expansion rod is made of 304 stainless steel and is equipped with an anti fatigue expansion spring. The upper part of the sand box compaction plate installed on the casting molding machine can freely expand and retract according to the height of the molding sand box. When the upper and lower sand boxes are closed, the length of the expansion rod of the pouring port with built-in springs expands and contracts with the height change inside the upper sand box, and maintains close contact with the designed iron liquid filling position on the mold and forms a connection. After the molding machine shoots and compacts the sand inside, the completed molding sand mold generates a pouring port for adding metal liquid after leaving the sand box.

According to the design of the internal cavity pouring system of the sand mold, choose the appropriate pouring rod diameter. Usually, we standard two sizes of expansion rods for sand mold iron liquid pouring, with a diameter of 30mm or a diameter of 40mm. The expansion range (length) is between 125cm and 260cm, while other diameter and length pouring expansion rods can be customized according to specific requirements. The principle used for making exhaust holes for sand molds is the same, with the difference being that the diameter of the exhaust hole is smaller than the diameter of the pouring port. Normally, a 20mm diameter telescopic rod is used.

Horizontal parting casting molding machine iron liquid pouring mouth expansion rod

The above picture shows two types of molding machines, the old model and the new model, with iron liquid pouring mouth expansion rods. The new improved pouring mouth expansion rod adopts a three-stage design, which is more flexible and smooth in expansion and contraction. The diameter of the pouring mouth is widened to facilitate the pouring of iron and the filling and contraction during the cooling process after pouring, as well as easy installation and disassembly in daily use.